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Wild Camping with permission...

The Nearly Wild Camping co-operative is a growing network of locations willing to host campers who are looking for a wilder, secluded or quieter camping experience. It brings together ambassadors for the countryside, its rich heritage and wildlife, with those seeking to explore and learn through informal fun

Members access our online directory which currently has 56 locations (with many more in the pipeline) mostly across the UK - many exclusive to Nearly Wild Camping members. Most offer more than just camping - open fires, local produce, pottery, nature walks, fishing, woodland camping....and more!

95% of our locations say YES to campfires/BBQs

35% of locations say YES  'dogs welcome'

40% of locations say YES to campervans

Some locations are suitable for hammocks

Some of the locations allow camping all year round - wild camping for everyone


Whether you are a camper or a potential location (or both) standard membership of Nearly Wild Camping is just £20 per year subscription via PayPal. Some of our business supporters offer member discounts.

All Subscribers are also shareholders of the co-operative with a say in how Nearly Wild Camping develops, the members own and run the organisation

Frequently Asked QuestionsGroup and Business Membership details

We are a co-operative working together for everyone’s benefit. Getting involved and contributing time, ideas or telling others about us helps us together make even more difference.
Find out more about getting involved. Help us to grow
All subscription fees support the admin of the organisation and further development

Go Nearly Wild Camping

Go Nearly Wild Camping

Whatever your age or definition of wild, you can have unforgettable experiences exploring our many unique camping locations across the UK. Check out the locations directory examples and map, subscribe and go Nearly Wild Camping - Be part of the revolution in back-to-basics camping!

Example locations and detailed map

Become a Nearly Wild Camping location

Become a Nearly Wild location

Do you have a potential Nearly Wild Camping location? Do you want to diversify your income? Inspire people to love our countryside? Do you want to join a network of people supporting each other to do the same thing? Find out how to become a Nearly Wild Camping location and be listed in our camping directory. You may not even need planning permission.


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Find good stuff, hidden places, new ways to explore the natural world